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Solutions for the Wireless Century

51 Wireless is a leading Wireless Consulting Firm with decades of experience providing quality telecommunication services. 



Experienced Staff

At 51 Wireless, we understand the need to partner with a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced development services vendor. With over three decades of industry experience, 51 Wireless is qualified to identify, design, and oversee the construction of your wireless facility. 

Our team of experts are ready to help you expand your network, increase your tower portfolio, or exceed your unique wireless needs. We offer turn-key site development services for quicker timelines from site selection to on-air. We offer solutions for the wireless century.


Site Acquisition & Permitting Services


Experienced Site Acquisition professionals identify, negotiate, and permit the best site for your facility. We have decades of experience navigating the West Coast permitting process, including TRPA, Coastal Commission, USFS, BLM, and National Park Services. 

Locate, Negotiate, Entitle. 

A&E Site Design


Architectural and Engineering services to design the most cost effective facility to meet your needs. With a strong understanding of jurisdictional development standards and industry leading designs, 51 Wireless designs it right the first time. 

Design, Draft, Engineer.  

Construction Management


Construction Management made simple. By building strong relationships with tower manufacturers and general contractors, 51 Wireless ensures construction is done right and on time. Coordinating equipment supply and construction schedules to avoid delays. 

Communicate, Coordinate, Construct.


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51 Wireless

Rocklin, California, United States